Long-term Projects

Khushiyon ki Paatshala

As millions of young children continue to miss out on school, our largest worry is future drop outs. To ensure continuity in education we are conducting online & offline programs for underprivileged children in our communities, equipping them with basic skills in Math, spoken & written English, EVS and general knowledge.

Women Empowerment

We work towards upskilling women from underprivileged communities via skill development programs. We also aid their placement through collaborations with corporates. Empowering women from such communities not only improve the family's income potential, but also elevates their status in society.

YUV: Our in-house coaching initiative

To supplement our education and women empowerment initiatives we have set up an in-house initiative called YUV Coaching. We have developed our own propeitary coaching model aligned with International Coaching Federation's guidelines to train our coaches for maximum impact.

We welcome anyone who wants to either volunteer or become a certified coach. As part of our program, you will also have the opportunity to coach young children and women who are on their journey to become a better version of themeslves. Please reach out to us for further information! We run a cohort based course and will keep updating details on our website and social media platforms! For further details, visit www.yuvcoaching.com

Limitless You is the foundational course for our coach training program.